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Heckford Norton Solicitors
Family and Divorce


The Heckford Norton Solicitors Family Team has a wealth of experience in this area and is able to provide expert advice to achieve the least stressful and most satisfactory resolution of your case. Our lawyers have a sympathetic and understanding approach helping clients to resolve problems they may have in any of the areas referred to below. We undertake both private and publicly funded work.

Heckford Norton Solicitors regularly assist clients in the following areas:
Divorce and finances   Domestic violence
Children issues   Other services
Collaborative Law

We will prepare the divorce papers on your behalf and liaise with the Court and your spouse or their Solicitor as appropriate. In the majority of cases, it will not be necessary for you to attend Court in respect of the divorce itself. We will assist you towards obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement as quickly and amicably as possible in a sensitive and non-confrontational manner. When however a firm approach is required we will be there to protect your position and to pursue your case in your best interests.

Collaborative law is a new, even-handed approach to relationship breakdown, involving where necessary finances and children, based on confidential face-to-face negotiation with your partner with the full support of your lawyers alongside you. The aim is to deliver an amicable out-of-court settlement that achieves the best possible outcome for the family and avoids the uncertainty and ill feeling of an imposed solution.

The welfare of the children is the paramount consideration and we will help you to find a solution to enable them to continue to enjoy the support of their parents.In all cases, it is to be hoped that parents can reach agreement between themselves regarding arrangements for the children and certainly, this is the position taken by the Court. We understand however that this is not always possible and sometimes parties need help in establishing arrangements for the children which are agreeable to all concerned. We bear in mind that the welfare of the children is the paramount consideration. We can help parents in resolving children issues whether by agreement or as a last resort, by a Court Order. We can also assist in referring cases to mediation and have contacts with mediation services in the local area.

Domestic violence is unfortunately a regular occurrence for some people. It may not always be physical, but words can be just as bad. Victims of domestic violence do not need to put up with this type of behaviour. Under the Family Law Act 1996 it is possible to obtain a Non Molestation/Occupation Order, thereby removing the perpetrator from the family home and an injunction to protect the victim. In severe instances the perpetrator can be ordered to leave the family home within as little as two hours notice.

Heckford Norton Solicitors can also help with the following:
Separation   Cohabitation agreements
Pre-nuptial agreements   Maintenance and financial settlements
Mediation referrals   Adoption
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